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Questions for Players
Questions about the Purchase of Online Slots
What Is Volatility in Online Casinos?

The term "volatility" was borrowed from the theory of probability. It explains the deviation from the mathematical algorithm and the expected result.

It is important not to confuse volatility with the return percentage (RTP). The return rate shows the volume of bets that a player will be able to return during a continuous game. The volatility is an indicator of the winning frequency.

Three types of volatility are used in slots:

  1. Low. A game brings frequent but small prizes. In most cases, the winning amount does not exceed the size of the current bet.
  2. Medium. The win rates are almost equal to the sum of the prizes received.
  3. High. Winning combinations do not appear often. However, the one-time prize amount can be several times higher than the bet made.
What Payment Systems Can Be Used for Pay-Outs by Players?

All payment instruments available to casino users are indicated in the information section of a site or their accounts.

If an operator works only with the local market (for example, Russia), gamers have access to payment systems supporting the national currency. Besides, a casino website may offer multi-currency products for accepting bets from anywhere in the world.

The most popular payment methods are as follows:

  • electronic wallets WebMoney and Qiwi;
  • multicurrency systems PayPal, Paycos, CP Money, etc.;
  • bank transfers from cards Visa/MasterCard.

You can choose any of the proposed options or use several services at once if this is allowed by a casino site’s policy.

For details on the available variants for depositing and withdrawing, please contact the Casino Market customer support service.

How to Choose a Suitable Slot to Play?

The choice of a particular slot depends on many factors. For example, some players like only classic fruits, while other gamers enjoy 3D voluminous animation.

When it comes to the algorithms and mechanics of the game, the main factors determining the choice are as follows:

  1. Return rate. The higher this parameter, the more funds a player can return during a long session.
  2. Volatility. This is the frequency of winning combinations. You can choose a slot with frequent but small wins or rare but large rewards.
  3. Bonuses. The more side options and quests in the game, the more exciting the process. Besides, it is possible to increase the size of the current win significantly in bonus rounds.
What Should I Do if a Casino Does Not Pay Out My Winnings?

If you play on a website belonging to a legal operator with a licence, you should contact the support service for solving any controversial issues.

Important nuance: the letter must be sent from the e-mail address specified during registration on a site. You should also indicate the login, the amount of the winnings and the time of the transaction request.

Here are the most common reasons for refusal to pay out winnings:

  1. Unfulfilled wagering requirements. The rules for receiving and wagering bonuses are indicated in the section with the terms of use. If the rules are not followed, the balance can be used for further play without the possibility of withdrawing money to a card or wallet linked to the account.
  2. Incorrect withdrawal details. In most online casinos, transactions from a client's account are served within one payment system. If a user has made a deposit from a bank card, winnings must be transferred to it. To change payment details, it is necessary to contact the customer support team.
  3. Unverified wallet. You have followed the rules for wagering bonuses, indicated the required payment system, but money does not come to your account. At the same time, you received an e-mail about the need to verify your account. In this case, follow the indicated instructions. The procedure for confirming payment details must be performed on a financial system’s website.
Is It Possible to Register Two or More Accounts?

No. one user can register only one account in an online casino. This restriction was established to equalise the opportunities for players and not give some gamers additional advantages over other participants.

If you need to change the information specified in your account during registration (for example, a new wallet number or passport data after changing the document), submit a written application to the online casino support service.

Important moment: a registered member cannot create new accounts for his or her friends, relatives, or others. You can take part in different casino affiliate programs, for example, get a bonus for an attracted player. But a new user must create an account independently, indicating all the required personal data.

Violation of the rules for using an online casino site entails administrative responsibility, penalties, and blocking of an account without the possibility of recovery.

Information about a player violating the established rules is automatically duplicated in the databases of Casino Market’s partners. It may lead to problems when registering new accounts on other gaming resources in the future.

What Happens if the Internet Connection is Interrupted during the Game?

If the information about the made bet has been transmitted to the server of an online casino before the connection was interrupted, the game will be completed. All prizes and bonuses will be automatically credited to your account.

If the game was interrupted before the bet was placed, a new session starts. The result of the draw will not be saved, and the funds will be returned to a user’s account.

The bet is accepted by the game server at the moment of pressing the Spin button. The information is transmitted in real-time and is automatically stored in the system.

Once the connection is restored, you can resume the game from the moment of the interruption. This rule is valid for all types of games: slots, video poker, roulette, and card games.

I Ran Out of Funds while Playing. Can I Replenish My Account during the Gaming Session?

You can make deposits at any time during the session (both in the main round and when wagering bonuses). It is not necessary to end the session.

Casino Market provides the option of fast replenishment and mobile transfers. The service can be opened in a new tab or a pop-up window. A simplified replenishment scheme without mandatory two-step authentication is applied in this case.

As a rule, funds are credited to the account instantly if particular limits are not set by your payment system. You do not need to refresh the page or re-authenticate.

I Have Transferred Money to a Casino, but It Has Not Yet Come to My Account. When Will It Be Credited?

Money is transferred to a client's account almost instantly. The replenishment amount becomes available when an online casino operator receives confirmation from your financial agent.

The standard term for crediting money is from 1 to 5 minutes (if a user does not violate the limits established by a site or a payment system).

If a transfer is delayed for more than 15–30 minutes, contact the customer support service.

The most common reasons for delayed transfers are as follows:

  • low speed of network connection;
  • overloaded servers of a payment system;
  • additional verification of a user’s account during the first deposit, etc.
Is There Any Difference in Algorithms when Playing a Demo Version and a Real Money Game?

The mechanics of a demo game and a paid slot are identical. You launch the same entertainment, but use casino coins instead of making a real money bet.

The only difference between free games is the limited access to paid options. For example, you will not be able to take part in the drawing of the cumulative jackpots. This option is available only after placing a real bet.

The difference when switching from the demo mode to a paid game appears due to the change in user behaviour. Very often, players change their strategy of action. This leads to a change in the frequency of wins.

If speak about the technical parameters and mathematics of demo slots, they do not differ from the session in the paid mode. The volatility, return percentage, and bonuses are identical for both versions of a slot.

Can I Play Games from My Mobile Device?

Yes, the Casino Market website includes a wide range of cross-platform content. You can launch any slot machine you like in the demo or paid version.

Two mobile game formats are available to users for greater convenience:

  • browser version;
  • downloadable application.

Regardless of the option chosen, a casino slot retains its full gaming functionality and bonuses. During the mobile gaming process, you can use all the services that are available on a desktop site: from the simultaneous launch of several games to quick bets through a simplified balance replenishment scheme.

What Should I Do if a Roulette Wheel is Spinning without Stopping?

The incessant rotation of a roulette wheel or reels is the result of a technical failure. It can be caused by such reasons:

  • poor quality of the network connection;
  • problems with a user’s device;
  • error in synchronisation with a casino server;
  • crash of plugins, etc.

Technically, the request to participate in the session has been accepted. You have placed a bet and pressed the Spin button. The transfer data is received by a casino system instantly during the session launch. Your money will not disappear from the account, and the bet will be played following the algorithms of a particular game.

All that is needed to resume the spin is to refresh the page or close and restart the game. If you are playing using a mobile device, exit the application and reopen it.

After updating the data, the game will start from the moment when it was interrupted.

Who Will Be the Owner of Casino Games after Signing the Contract?

The Casino Market studio is the full owner of the gaming platform and its program components.

The casino purchase contract is a licensing agreement for the transfer of the right to use our company's software in a closed-source format. You take possession of a full-fledged gaming platform, receive the opportunity to promote your original brand on its basis and form a client base.

The ownership of the software remains with Casino Market. In return, we guarantee:

  • comprehensive technical assistance and elimination of any failures in the platform;
  • regular updates of the gaming system’s components to the latest version;
  • powerful protection of all data types (user, commercial, financial information);
  • several round-the-clock communication channels with the customer support service;
  • customisation of the platform upon a client’s request (the addition of new functionality and content).

If you have an active gambling project, we are ready to offer the integration of our products in an open-source format.

You can view the agreement and learn more about the rules for using the gaming software from Casino Market at any time. It is enough to send a request to our customer support service.

Who is the Owner of the Player Base?

The online casino customer base is the untouchable property of a buyer. The Casino Market company is responsible only for storing information on servers and ensuring its security.

The gaming platform purchase agreement contains detailed information about the storage, transfer, and other methods of working with customer bases. You can get acquainted with all the provisions of the document on short notice. Just contact our customer support employees.

The customer base remains the property of an operator forever.

What are the Requirements for Connecting the Gaming System?

The procedure for starting a casino business depends on the format of the project you have chosen.

If you are organising a project from scratch, you have to collect a package of documents for legal registration and purchase a licence. Then you should conclude agreements with software providers, develop a website, adapt it to the gambling platform engine, hire a staff of administrators, etc.

To start working under the White Label program, you just have to select a vendor, read the terms of a contract and sign it. The gaming platform will be available for work immediately after the settlement of legal issues.

You can delegate all administrative and organisational issues to our specialists. When ordering a turnkey online casino from Casino Market, you will get a ready-made exclusive project. Its cost includes a licence and content from top manufacturers. Your task is to choose the optimal combination of program components and start building up your client base.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Need the Casino Demo Version?

The Casino Market company is interested in the loyalty of its customers and transparent cooperation.

The online casino demo is a convenient, fast, and secure way to demonstrate all the features of the gaming system. We give users full access to all administrative components of the platform and provide round-the-clock support.

Your task is to evaluate the functionality of the software, its technical characteristics, and the scope of the proposed solutions. During the launch of the test mode, you can make a list of possible additions to the basic system, work out a business strategy, select a licence and the necessary payment services.

The demo version of a casino is available for 10 days (the trial period can be extended upon individual request).

A test mode is a free option. To connect it, just leave a request to our manager.

Can I Buy Ready-Made Online Slots?

Yes, you can purchase a ready-made gaming system and separately slot games for integration on third-party platforms from the Casino Market studio.

We offer a large selection of ready-made products from top suppliers. You can order:

  • plot slots;
  • machines with accumulative jackpots;
  • video poker;
  • VR developments;
  • mobile games;
  • live content, and other options.

It is possible to purchase any amount of content from one or several providers and order the development of exclusive gaming products from the Casino Market studio.

Our products can be added to the main library of online casinos. Besides, it is possible to form additional gaming sections with their help. For example, you can buy live products from several developers and create a new Live Broadcasts category based on the existing engine.

Games from Which Providers Should I Consider?

We cooperate with leading gaming software providers and offer more than 30 thousand items from:

  • Gaminator;
  • Amatic;
  • Greentube;
  • 2WinPower;
  • Igrosoft;
  • EGT;
  • Casino Technology;
  • Betsoft;
  • Relax Gaming, and others.

When ordering gaming content from Casino Market, you get access to the top novelties in the industry. All offers support cross-platform operation. The solutions are available for integration with third-party products. You can work with one provider or combine different gaming products from several developers.

What Payment Systems Can Be Introduced?

Our gaming platform includes advanced payment tools. It can be easily customised to work with local and international markets.

Payment instruments from Casino Market support the most widespread payment methods. You can connect the following tools from us:

  • bank transfer systems for cards Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro;
  • multicurrency programs PayPal, Paycos, and Di-Pay;
  • electronic wallets WebMoney and Qiwi;
  • services for payments in cryptocurrency.

A large selection of products for any type of gambling business and specialised offers for mobile platforms are available to customers.

You can order the connection of several services at the same time, set up personal payment limits, work with specific GEOs, and use built-in currency converters.

Please contact Casino Market specialists to get answers to all questions regarding the selection, connection, and maintenance of financial systems for online casinos.

How Long Does it Take to Launch an Online Casino after Purchasing the Necessary Software?

The speed of entering the market depends on the chosen format of work and the individual wishes of a client.

If you are planning to start from scratch, project development can take from a year to several years. At the same time, entering the market with a ready-made project under the White Label program can be organised in a couple of months.

The main time is spent on optimising and customising a gaming resource, adapting the platform for a specific market, and setting the interaction of the system with hosting companies.

When ordering a business project from Casino Market, you get an almost finished product. To launch it, you only need to design a website and work out a future promotion strategy. We take responsibility for all organisational and legal issues.

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It was hard for me, as a new operator, to find the proper content for my gaming site. So, resorting to an aggregator Casino Market was an excellent decision. The guys helped me pick amazing slots.


My view on the iGaming business is all about quality entertainment. No decent games on the platform — no regular visitors. With this in mind, it was crucial for me to find a reliable aggregator of content. Casino Market turned out a splendid choice.

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The studio Casino Market proposes a unique opportunity to check the functionality of a ready-made iGaming project for free.

You do not incur any financial expenses by ordering the connection of a demo casino. The trial version can be installed in a few clicks. The software package includes entertainment content, a powerful back office, and other components.

The Features of the Test Version of a Gambling Project

Here are the key advantages of a demo casino with slot machines:

  1. Free installation. You do not have to spend money using the trial version. After the end of demo access, operators can buy or rent software.
  2. Limited period. You can install the software for 10 calendar days. This time is quite enough to study all the strengths of an iGaming project and assume the financial feasibility (income, expenses, net profit) from the launch of a start-up.
  3. Fast integration. To connect a casino demo, you do not need to possess any specific knowledge and skills. All technical work is undertaken by the specialists of Casino Market. They ensure fast and safe installation of software.

What Does the Demo Version of a Gambling Site Include?

It is possible to connect a free demo version of an online casino in the basic configuration.

The solution is supplied with the following elements:

  • entertainment catalogue (slot machines, board and card games, bingo, lottery software);
  • financial module (2–3 payment services with multicurrency support and loyal commission fees);
  • powerful backend (a wide range of internal system settings, options for managing accounts, monitoring internet traffic, and generating reports);
  • loyalty program (traditional casino bonuses: welcome prizes, loyalty points, free spins);
  • the design of a gambling site (laconic style with a practical user interface).

After the end of the test period, you can adapt the project to your requirements with the support of programmers and web designers from Casino Market. It is possible to diversify a gaming portfolio or add new payment modules. Everything depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.

The Benefits of Using the Test Version

The installation of a free demo casino with slot machines has such advantages:

Testing before launch

The possibility to test the performance and profitability of a solution before purchasing is available in not all business niches. Casino Market provides such an opportunity, ensuring the success of its clients' businesses

Easy product adaptation

The optimal moment to adjust the structure of an iGaming project is the stage of its testing. You can improve the design of a gambling site, connect payment services from new providers, and diversify the bonus program.

Making changes to a working online casino will cost much more

Money-saving start

An entrepreneur pays nothing for using the demo. He or she can calculate the financial results of an iGaming project, as well as assess its strengths and weaknesses.

In the future, this information will help an operator to enter the market with minimal costs and increase the profitability of a gambling site

The evaluation of various gambling products

You can order demo online casinos and slot machines from Casino Market.

Trial versions of games are presented in the assortment of many top providers. Just select a supplier, and we will help with the installation

Why is it Worth Connecting Entertainment Products in the Demo Mode?

The trial version of online slot machines is positively perceived by the audience for the following reasons:

  • free testing of new solutions (checking gameplay, bonuses, special functions);
  • pleasant leisure time without the risk of losing money;
  • comfortable game without registration and verification.

After getting acquainted with vibrant slot machines, gamers switch to the paid versions of products. They register on a site, make deposits, and place bets. This helps to increase the conversion and profits of an entrepreneur.

The presence of demo content improves a casino's image and its perception by the target audience. Clients understand that a gambling site appreciates their interests and offers different modes — from free rounds to traditional real money games.

The Main Thing about the Installation of an iGaming Project’s Demo Version

You can order the trial version of a turnkey online casino, as well as test entertainment content from leading developers, by turning to Casino Market.

Cooperation with us involves:

  • different options for partnership (the purchase, the rent of software, the opening of a project under a franchise agreement);
  • the supply of licenced solutions (games, financial aggregators, GAP platforms) from B2B partners;
  • full technical and legal supervision.

Take the leading position in the industry with us!

  • The casino demo is available for free for a limited period. You can use the product for 10 days to study its features and functionality.
  • The list of the demo’s advantages includes comfortable testing before the launch, easy adaptation of the product, and cost-effective entry to the market.
  • The trial version of a gambling site is supplied as a standard solution. It consists of the design, a payment module, an admin panel, the entertainment catalogue, and a bonus program.
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